hottest afro braids

Summer is all about sea and beaches and hot weather and hair easily gets damaged by sun and salty seawater and hot winds. I am looking for some way to get an easy and stylish hairdo that won’t have me wasting loads of time with blowdryer, flatirons and hairpins. I did my research and found the perfect answer for me – braided hairstyle. So here are some cutest afro braids to try this summer


need for chocolate

Well today I was feeling I wanna try something new and sweet for my dessert. So I googled how to cook brownies and here we are –  a wonderful recipe of how you do those fantastic yet simple to cook brownies. The guy on the video explains everything so thoroughly it’s easy even for a firsttimer like me)))) BTW I like that trick with putting the mass on a paper – you don’t have to wash the tray. Really great for a lazy housewife like me ))

Are there any simple recipes that you use? let’s share)

makeup for spring tutorial

I ran across one of the best makeup tutorials I’ve ever seen)) It was sponsored by Lancome and Michelle Phan starred there. This makeup is sort of resembling to what I love to wear in summer – I am so in love with my mint green eyeshadow, which is a bit brighter than the one Michelle uses.

My tip: use light  mint green eyeshadow instead of the champagne color Michelle uses in the corner of the eye 😉 It will allow for an edgier and more sophisticated look 🙂

shaved hairstyles for women

Since 2009 many celebrities have shaved their heads – full head or the side part (which is more appropriately called undercut). I think the closely buzzed hair looks good on girls with very fine and feminine features, highlighting their natural beauty.

buzzed hair

It is also gorgeous to have your hair buzzed to form some design, the so called hair tattoo

hair tattoo
the so-called hair tattoo, hair closely buzzed

And then we have this strange haircut, in which the hair is buzzed short or completely shaved on one side, whereas the other side remains long, the half and half haircut, or undercut, as it is called sometimes. The pioneer of the style is Alice Dellal, British model and celebrity.

shaved side hairstyle
Alice Dellal shaved side hairstyle

Since then, Cassie Ventura made her hair even more extreme by shaving half of her gorgeous mane

shaved head Cassie
Cassie shaved half of her hair

And others followed, making this crazy style a trend

Carmen Electra undercut
Willow Smith half shaved head
rhiannas undercut bob
Rhianna is wearing an undercut bob
medium length undercut bob
medium undercut bob - the undercut that looks appealing to me ))

controversial pixie haircut

English: Emma Watson at the film premiere of H...
Emma Watson short crop

It’s been quite a trend as of late to have your hair closely cropped.

Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love)
Ginnifer Goodwin short pixie hair cut

Many celebrities like Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Victoria Bekham(aka Posh Spice, btw her crop is also knows as “poxie”, i.e. “posh pixie”) have donned their long tresses in favor of pixie cut. Is this trend going to last long, or shall they be growing out their short hair…

I suppose this short haircut is hot and very feminine. Do you?

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my diet for pregnancy

Sorry for not having posted for so long. The reason is I am pregnant and cannot spend much time at my computer 🙂

The last ultrasound showed that my baby is a bit bigger than he should be and my obstetrician said that I’m growing a hamster :))

and she said I had to diet (( I have never ever practiced dieting before, with my perfect slender constitution (shy that I am 😉 )…

Now that she put restrictions to what I eat, I feel so depressed and I want all those “outlawed” items all the more.

The rules are quite simple: I shouldn’t eat candies and sweets, pastry, pasta, rice and fatty items. If I want meat or fish, it must not be fat. I must eat only brown bread, not the wheat flour bread. What surprised me most were the fruits restricted – banana, melons and !apples! – as they provoke faster weight growth…

All in all I am in 9th month now and feel fine… except for swelling of my feet, which is getting better now thanx to the weather getting cooler. And the terrible problem with spots – due to the hormones, I comfort myself that they will go away as soon as I deliver… fingers crossed )))

PS my little one is kicking right now, guess he wants to say ‘Hello, world!’ :))))