Coffee against diabetes

I learned these days that Japanese physicians from Nagoya University have made the discovery, good for coffee lovers.
As it turned out, a refreshing drink helps to prevent one of the most common are diseases – diabetes type II.
This fact was able to prove a group of scientists led by Dr. Fumihiko Horio, conducting a study on laboratory animals.
During the experiment, mice were given water every day or coffee.
The main component of the drink – caffeine – prevents the increase of sugar in the blood of rodents and improves insulin sensitivity.
In addition to these factors reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, coffee and other beneficial provoked reactions in mice.
Caffeine has antidiabetic effects in the liver and inflammatory adipocytokines.
Clinicians have previously only assumed dependence reduce the risk of diabetes type two from the regular consumption of coffee.
But only now was organized by laboratory experiment, which gave evidence of this connection.

And now… a couple of recipes of coffee for coffee lovers >>To make black coffee it is recommended to use only organic coffee of good quality. Can interfere with specialty coffees. Seeds of green coffee are to be roasted and grinded just before brewing. When roasting coffee beans you have to pay attention to the fact “that coffee does not burn, and its color should be chestnut brown.

1. Black coffee.

To make black coffee recommended to use only organic coffee of good quality. Can interfere with specialty coffees. Seeds of green coffee to roast and grind just before brewing. When roasting coffee beans is necessary to pay attention to the fact “that coffee does not burn, and its color should be a chestnut brown. Usually is prepared from 4 tsp. Coffee portion, a double portion is prepared from 8 grams. If it is desirable to make more good, more strong coffee, we must increase the dosage by 5 or 10 grams.
Coffee does not boil, and brew with boiling water as tea and. Coffee must be prepared immediately before serving, serve hot.

2. Coffee with caramel sauce.

This drink is served after the meal at the picnic or after dinner at the dacha. Over a cup of coffee, very strong and hot, hold a teaspoon, which previously put a piece of sugar. Pour the cooled sugar brandy and set it on fire. When the flame goes out, pour the contents of a spoon in a cup and stir well. You can also add a pinch of cinnamon (to taste).

3. Coffee at the Irish.

This drink is wonderfully bracing, refreshing. You can serve it at any time of year. In a glass with thicker walls at the foot pour 1 / 3 of Irish whiskey or brandy, and add hot strong coffee, without adding it to the brim at 2 cm Add sugar to taste, stir, pour fresh cream, lightly whipped, but not mix them: Put a teaspoon of cream so that they floated on the surface and drink coffee through the layer of cream.

4. Coffee barley.

1940 barley coffee, 1 / 2 liter. water, 5 g of chicory 1 / 2 I. milk

Grind barley coffee in a coffee mill. In the dishes used exclusively for the coffee, pour water, pour the ground coffee, add the chicory and boiled February 1 minute, push the edge of the plate, sprinkle with cold water and tightly close the lid.
A few minutes later, when the coffee is separated, pour it into a hot pot, which is served on the table, or a difference
Vaeth directly into the cup. Skimmed milk mixed with coffee in the pot or cups. You can also apply separately to milk the milkman. By boiled barley coffee, you can add in October 1920 of natural coffee and brew.

5. Black coffee

3 / 4 hp. water in 1950 with ground organic coffee, sugar (added to taste).

The coffee is brewed in special pot. In the absence of pot should be half of the ground coffee poured cold water in the container, used exclusively for making coffee. March 2 minute boil, add the rest of the coffee, brew, set aside on the edge of plate tightly Writing settle for 10 minutes, drain the extract through a sieve into the hot pot, served on the table or pour into warmed cups. Coffee is served very hot. Coffee natural cook it well with the addition of a special chicory. For black coffee can also be made separately whipped cream.

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