Hair dye

hair color, hair dyeLets talk dye. You are sure to go to beauty shops every time you want your hair dyed and glowing. But why not try to do it yourself! You are sure to succeed. With the great choice of easy to use hair dyes the only problem is to choose the right one – the one that will suit you – your hair. Here is a bit of my knowledge of hair dyes 🙂

Temporary dyes are easily soluble in water and applied to the hook on wet hair. They cover the outer layer of hair. The paint is washed off during the subsequent washing. Temporary dyes  that act quickly, though they change hair color not for a long time, or help to hide bleached strands or gray hair. 
Coloring lotions contain a dye that can be washed by a potent unstained lotion, they are similar to temporary dyes and are suitable for tinting gray, light or bleached hair.
Tinting dyes give a more noticeable effect, which persists until the sixth or eighth washing. However, they merely  enrich the hair color, but can not make it lighter. These dyes penetrate the cuticle and cover the outer surface of the cortex (inner layer of hair).
Color fades gradually, which is ideal for those who want to experiment, but do not want to drastically change hair color.
Long lasting toning dyes remain on the hair up to 12-22nd wash, suitable for light and gray hair. The dye penetrates deeper in the cortex than the previous one.
Permanent dyes effectively dye blond and gray hair. The dye penetrates into the cortex within 30 minutes, after which the oxygen oxidizes the pigments in the dye and sets them on the inside.
Roots need embellishment every six weeks. It is important to dye only part of the newly grown hair. If the new dye partially covers previously dyed (especially bleached) hair, it may ruin hair, making it more porous.

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