my diet for pregnancy

Sorry for not having posted for so long. The reason is I am pregnant and cannot spend much time at my computer 🙂

The last ultrasound showed that my baby is a bit bigger than he should be and my obstetrician said that I’m growing a hamster :))

and she said I had to diet (( I have never ever practiced dieting before, with my perfect slender constitution (shy that I am 😉 )…

Now that she put restrictions to what I eat, I feel so depressed and I want all those “outlawed” items all the more.

The rules are quite simple: I shouldn’t eat candies and sweets, pastry, pasta, rice and fatty items. If I want meat or fish, it must not be fat. I must eat only brown bread, not the wheat flour bread. What surprised me most were the fruits restricted – banana, melons and !apples! – as they provoke faster weight growth…

All in all I am in 9th month now and feel fine… except for swelling of my feet, which is getting better now thanx to the weather getting cooler. And the terrible problem with spots – due to the hormones, I comfort myself that they will go away as soon as I deliver… fingers crossed )))

PS my little one is kicking right now, guess he wants to say ‘Hello, world!’ :))))

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