eyebrow shapes for all faceshapes

To make a round face appear less round by making the face appear longer apply lines that go more up and down the face. This helps draw the eye up and down and lengthens it. Create as high an arch as you can. Get a brow shape that  follows a straight line to the peak of the brow, and creates more vertical lines. Stay away from a rounded brow shape. This makes a round face look even more round. Many customers prefer the soft angled look. Consider also the angled brow shapes and the higher arches

When you have a heart faceshape you can soften your look with curves and create a beautiful heart shape using the point of your chin as the heart bottom and the brows as the top of the heart.
Try rounded brows. The curve of the brow is soft, feminine and attractive and also creates the heart like look of the face.
A low arch round brow creates a natural look. A high arch round brow adds length to a shorter heart faceshape.

In square faces a square jaw is a strong feature. Balance it with a strong brow or soften it with curves.
A thicker stronger color and shape balances a heavier jawline. A defined sharp peak at the top of the brow makes the brow appear stronger.
Angled brows create this balance.

Diet by Dr Bunting


dietThis is the first post on my new blog for housewives and other women!

I am going to post tips and advice from my own experience and from my friends.

And to start up – check new diet suggestion.

Diet is named after Dr. Bunting, a physiologist by profession. It contains proteins, fats, carbohydrates, even, but in moderate amounts. It can be used for a long time.

Breakfast: unsweetened coffee with milk.
Lunch: 250g of meat boiled or fried without fat, lemon, 40gr of rye bread, apple, a cup of unsweetened coffee or tea.
Dinner: 200g chicken, fried without fat (on the lattice), 40gr of rye bread, apple.