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Well today I was feeling I wanna try something new and sweet for my dessert. So I googled how to cook brownies and here we are –  a wonderful recipe of how you do those fantastic yet simple to cook brownies. The guy on the video explains everything so thoroughly it’s easy even for a firsttimer like me)))) BTW I like that trick with putting the mass on a paper – you don’t have to wash the tray. Really great for a lazy housewife like me ))

Are there any simple recipes that you use? let’s share)

Coffee against diabetes

I learned these days that Japanese physicians from Nagoya University have made the discovery, good for coffee lovers.
As it turned out, a refreshing drink helps to prevent one of the most common are diseases – diabetes type II.
This fact was able to prove a group of scientists led by Dr. Fumihiko Horio, conducting a study on laboratory animals.
During the experiment, mice were given water every day or coffee.
The main component of the drink – caffeine – prevents the increase of sugar in the blood of rodents and improves insulin sensitivity.
In addition to these factors reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes, coffee and other beneficial provoked reactions in mice.
Caffeine has antidiabetic effects in the liver and inflammatory adipocytokines.
Clinicians have previously only assumed dependence reduce the risk of diabetes type two from the regular consumption of coffee.
But only now was organized by laboratory experiment, which gave evidence of this connection.

And now… a couple of recipes of coffee for coffee lovers >> Continue reading “Coffee against diabetes”