hottest afro braids

Summer is all about sea and beaches and hot weather and hair easily gets damaged by sun and salty seawater and hot winds. I am looking for some way to get an easy and stylish hairdo that won’t have me wasting loads of time with blowdryer, flatirons and hairpins. I did my research and found the perfect answer for me – braided hairstyle. So here are some cutest afro braids to try this summer


shaved hairstyles for women

Since 2009 many celebrities have shaved their heads – full head or the side part (which is more appropriately called undercut). I think the closely buzzed hair looks good on girls with very fine and feminine features, highlighting their natural beauty.

buzzed hair

It is also gorgeous to have your hair buzzed to form some design, the so called hair tattoo

hair tattoo
the so-called hair tattoo, hair closely buzzed

And then we have this strange haircut, in which the hair is buzzed short or completely shaved on one side, whereas the other side remains long, the half and half haircut, or undercut, as it is called sometimes. The pioneer of the style is Alice Dellal, British model and celebrity.

shaved side hairstyle
Alice Dellal shaved side hairstyle

Since then, Cassie Ventura made her hair even more extreme by shaving half of her gorgeous mane

shaved head Cassie
Cassie shaved half of her hair

And others followed, making this crazy style a trend

Carmen Electra undercut
Willow Smith half shaved head
rhiannas undercut bob
Rhianna is wearing an undercut bob
medium length undercut bob
medium undercut bob - the undercut that looks appealing to me ))

controversial pixie haircut

English: Emma Watson at the film premiere of H...
Emma Watson short crop

It’s been quite a trend as of late to have your hair closely cropped.

Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love)
Ginnifer Goodwin short pixie hair cut

Many celebrities like Emma Watson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Victoria Bekham(aka Posh Spice, btw her crop is also knows as “poxie”, i.e. “posh pixie”) have donned their long tresses in favor of pixie cut. Is this trend going to last long, or shall they be growing out their short hair…

I suppose this short haircut is hot and very feminine. Do you?

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Japanese hairstyles

Japanese hairstyles will vary from exotic very plain and cute. The main feature in most Japanese hairstyles is the parting of the front bangs. The focus is the front of the hairstyle and bringing the eyes and face to attention. Because Japanese hairstyles are mostly intended for darker hair colors, lighter skin will have seem to be more vibrant and jump out. There are two really good japanese hairstyles that we like morst on our site and they will be listed here. If you are interested in more sources, the best include Japanese pop stars, ancient Japanese looks, and even anime.

Many Japanese hairstyles focus on bangs or having hair slightly covering a small portion of the face. Whether the hair is layered, slickened, or straight down, having the hair slightly covering the face adds a mysterious look as well. A prime example of these types of Japanese hair styles can be found in two of Japan’s most popular stars. Ami and Yumi, two young Japanese pop stars that are equivalent to the US’s Hilary Duff, have a variety of light punky Japanese hairstyles as well as very elegant pretty Japanese hair styles as well. As you can see, their hairstyles compliment their faces very well and bring out their eyes and face. Their elegant Japanese hairstyles are slightly covering part of their faces

Hair dye

hair color, hair dyeLets talk dye. You are sure to go to beauty shops every time you want your hair dyed and glowing. But why not try to do it yourself! You are sure to succeed. With the great choice of easy to use hair dyes the only problem is to choose the right one – the one that will suit you – your hair. Here is a bit of my knowledge of hair dyes 🙂

Temporary dyes are easily soluble in water and applied to the hook on wet hair. They cover the outer layer of hair. The paint is washed off during the subsequent washing. Temporary dyes  that act quickly, though they change hair color not for a long time, or help to hide bleached strands or gray hair.  Continue reading “Hair dye”